Hints and Tips



A Few things before you start a Juice cleanse   

 It may take some getting used to  …. but not to worry .. we’ve all been there !!


Some of the important stuff you should know about , before Juice cleansing 


Preparing your body for a detox, or colon cleanse, is an important step in eliminating toxins from your body and is just as important as the cleansing process itself. 

Here are some steps to help you get rid of your old, unhealthy habits and create healthier ones . 

GET YOURSELF A FOOD DIARY/JOURNAL  – they help you evaluate what your body needs in terms of Vitamins and Minerals , Proteins and Carbohydrates .
Take Baby Steps. Making small changes in your diet and lifestyle can improve your health as well as manage your weight

.1.Start each day with a nutritious breakfast , Start with warm water’s or fresh juice’s2.Get 6-8 hours of sleep each night, as fatigue can lead to overeating or snacking .3.Avoid unhealthy fast foods by packing lunch .

4.Drink lemon water to alkalize the body add a Wheatgrass or Matcha shot .

5.Teach yourself to eat when you’re really hungry and stop when you’re full .

6.Reduce your portion sizes by 10-20% and alternate your fruit and vegetables .

7.Incorporate a juice or smoothie every day

8.Try different cooking methods, such as grilling, roasting, baking, or even RAW.

9.Drink more water and fewer sugary drinks.

10.Get the whole family and some friends involved , changing your eating habits with others keep’s you motivated .

In addition, there are certain foods you can avoid before your cleanse that will significantly enhance the overall process , Order a Fruit Full Basket for your home or office from Punch and Juicy

If you would like us to send you a Food Journal Template , inbox your email address .

Email us for links for downloadable Food Diaries . getjuicycleanse@gmail.com


Before you question yourself ..  The time is NOW Just go for it – GET JUICY

Make the cleanse  fun , Get yourself a Juice Box , below is a list of all you need to start

Yes read it well ..

To Start your cleanse you will need a Tool Kit

We recommend you have the following things
(In a visable place , so you stay focused and motivated )

  • Your Food Journal 
  • Juicer and/or blender
  • Toothbrush or Nail Brush (For Juicer Grater , always helpful when juicing Ginger )
  • A potato peeler for ( tricky skins )
  • Good cutting knife
  • Choppping board
  • Strainer
  • Air-tight Containers’ Glass Jugs/Jar
  • Freezer Bags or Air Tight Container (for surplus fruits)
  • Plastic Bag for Fruit Shoot
  • A ready and willing Taster
  • ( We all need someone to help motivate )
  • A bottle of soap liquid
  • A special juice glass



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