Now you’ve made the decision to make a change , you want to juice but don’t know where to start.
Book your space on a DeClutter  here

DeClutter Toolbox 2016

1 Day workshop .

Live Workshop Outline

Learn how to De-clutter the body with this a fun and interactive Live Juice workshop

  • Start a food journal
  • Learn how to make easy and Enjoyable beverages with natural benefits 
  • Learn the importance of adding Fruit and Vegetables into your life
  • Learn how to Choose and Use your Juicer/Blender

Create your own mini Juice bar in your kitchen

You will learn how to make

  • A Blood Booster
  •  daily Energizer  
  • Power Punch
  • Alkaline Water 
You will also receive our 3 day juice cleanse outline with recipes and shopping list .



Why not Reset your Bodyclock

Discover the incredible power of ‘Resetting your bodyclock’
learn how to drink your way to health and vitality … meet new people , try new and natural flavours …

• Learn the benefits of juicing
• Take part in interactive juicing demonstration
• Learn how to make a nutritious soup blend the whole family will enjoy
• Test your taste buds with a range of Juice and Smoothie shots
• Learn how you can juice your way to a fruitfull life
• Cleanse Your body WITHOUT THE PILLS
• Beat sugar cravings by using healthy alternatives

The Fruitfull Juice Academy (For the little people )

Punch and Juicy at Brent Link Event

Our biggest supporter’s have been the little people .

They love being in the kitchen flexing thier skills and this workshop helps to build kitchen confidence and also raises awareneness about choosing a healthy lifestyle

Please note

We are currently raising funds to officially launch our Fruitfull Juice Academy in NW10

Find out more here

for more info email us at for more information


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