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Punch & Juicy ailment blends


1.Love your liver
2.Green lemon aid
3.Green & lean
4.Ease the pressure
5.Berry Beauty Full
6.Arthritis elixir
7.Tummy tamer
8.Ginger Ail
9.Watermelon limeade
10.Master cleanse lemon Aid
11.Almond and Cinnamon Milk

Benefits of each juice;

1. Love your liver
Love your liver juice is great for those who are concerned about their exposure to toxins and want to support their body’s ability to naturally detox

The humble vegetable juice blend could actually help you beat your hangover by speeding up the detoxification process.

This Juice contains the phytochemical betacyanin mainly from the beetroot and its deep red colour

This blend aims to support phase 2 detoxification in the liver; a process that turns harmful toxins into harmless substances that can then be eliminated from the body.

2. Green Lemonade
Ingredients are Low calorie, no sugar, detoxifying, rich in minerals, and helps to restore the bodies alkalininity

Also suitable for people with diabetes.

3. Green and Lean

Rich in minerals, cleansing and supports alkalinity restoration also aids in weight loss

4.Ease the pressure

Contains beetroot.

This Juice blend is aimed at effectively helping to lower blood pressure due to the fact that it contains high levels of nitrates.

5. Berry Beautyfull

An indulgent smoothie aimed at keeping you looking young and healthy.

Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which help fight free radical damage

High water content and contains silica; a beautifying mineral which makes the skin glow, makes our hair thick and our nails strong

6. Arthritis elixir

With the rise in Arthritis Sufferers we created this Elixir for joint health

rich in the enzyme bromelain which has well documented anti inflammatory properties

Celery is a potent anti inflammatory and natural painkiller which can ease pain for a short period of time making it very useful for rheumatic pain.

also contains another chemical called coumarin which stimulates the lymphatic system.

Please note

Coumarins also have mild diuretic properties which help remove fluid build up and waste products in the swollen joint and carry them out of the body.

 7. Tummy Tamer

A beautiful blend rich in pectin; a natural laxative that helps prevent constipation

contains the enzyme bromelain which helps digestion of protein

This liquid meal promotes digestion and relieve gas, and may help ease the intestinal spasms associated with IBS

Great for indigestion.

8.Ginger Ail

Natural twist to an old favourite.

a great tonic to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever, to prevent travel sickness,for sore throats and colds, pregnancy morning sickness, and nausea caused by other factors such as disease

contains bioflavonoids which have anti histamine properties.

rich in vitamin C which fights infection and strengthens the immune system

Contains natural anti histamine, anti-septic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

9. Lime Aid Water 

Contains watermelon.

This Limeade drink is mostly water, thus making it a great thirst quencher on a hot day or after a sweaty workout.

bursting with the carotenoid phytonutrientlycopene which is important for cardiovascular health.

Rich in the amino acid citrulline which our body converts to arginine (another amino acid),  increased levels of arginine can help improve blood flow and other aspects of cardiovascular health. Other phytonutrients found in watermelon are lutein and xeaxanthin which help preserve eyesight.

Rich in vitamin c which helps the body to fight infection, may aid the symptoms of kidney stones.

10. Master Cleanse Lemon Aid.

This tangy slightly spicy lemonaid gently and effectively cleanses the body

Great for cleansing the liver, kidneys, fighting infection and fortifying the immune system

Ingredients work to boost the metabolism, and benefits the cardiovascular system

Contains natural sweetener which is low glycaemic and rich in minerals

 11. Almond and Cinnamon Milk

Good source of energy and protein, great to sip between meals or in the evening time between dinner and bedtime to curb hunger pangs.

Great source of monounsaturated fat which is good for the heart and can reduce cholesterol. also rich source of vitamin E; an antioxidant which is beneficial for skin health.


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