Products and Services

The product

Our liquid foods are made from quality ingredients and our booster’s are all sourced from independent suppliers of best quality produce   ……..

We also sell Warming Soups made with speciality spice and natural herbs,
Summer Super food and Winter Stew and dried Fruits and Nuts

A nutritious liquid fast food ( available in a Jar/Bottle/pot) consist of fresh ingredients  prepared daily or pre-packaged


The healthy Fast food beverage is sold in the form of Nutritious Smoothies , an array of fresh Juice fusions , Caribbean style Power Punches all created with healing in mind.

Our Cold and Hot Liquid Meals are an effective and tasty way to incorporate (or increase ) your daily intake of recommended daily allowance , gradually boosting your immune system and kick starting your metabolism .

Event Catering

Book our hire-able bar for your next event .

Tantalise your guests with a range of Mocktail’s

Or why not find out about our fruit platters / edible fruit display baskets


Our Services

We host, develop and deliver Workshops, talks and events.

The workshops are aimed at raising awareness and facilitated semi /full independence in the kitchen.

We are currently designing our Fruitfull Juice Academy for young people .


Email us now to find out how we can collaborate



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