And then there were 2 … (Opportunities)

Afternoon all ..

Just popping in to share our second opportunity ..

Very happy to read a few early bird C.V’s already sent in , even more happy to see a few students are applying  , if you missed it here it is again .



And here is the second one …


I’m a make do and mend , kind of lady , from a second hand table – we were able to kick start this whole adventure , but web design was a challenge and in all honesty , it’s time to call in a professional ( semi even ) .

Pop over to to see what I’m talking about  ..

If you have what it takes to bring our website up to scratch – please read below

Are you a talented Web and Graphics Designer looking for your next challenge? New to the field of web design and looking for a project or case study to kick start your career?

Would you like to work with an award winning Social enterprise?

Join our liquid food company and help to introduce us to the world, we’re looking for someone with an eye for colour and naturally creative , to work alongside a photographer and brand agency which will help to showcase our delicious liquid food range whilst capturing our social message to make London a little more Fruitfull

Email your Portfolio or links to previous work and you may find yourself in a rather fruitfull position in 2017

Look out for Opportunity Number 3 coming tomorrow 🙂


Ready , Steady ….

A blink of an eye and December is already around the corner , everyone’s talking about winding down , office parties and the opportunity to snuggle up with a loved one , whilst I’m here trying to get the Juice Academy promotional Campaign ready for January when school starts back  …….. did someone say


I mean , it’s all the way in January for crying out loud – what on earth could  I have been thinking about ?

As always my better self whispers “The future awaits … those who prepare  ”


A data analyst has joined the steering committee and she’s given me strict  guidelines for making the whole launch a successful one and not one party has been scheduled in for the next 6 weeks …  did I say strict guidelines ?

So there you have it … no going back now , the official countdown has started …

On that note however , I’d like to make a happy announcement .

We’ve decided it’s time to hand over the baton in the new year …. .


I’ve been advised to give someone the opportunity to give our online presence a much deserved makeover … (as I doubt I’ll be winning any blogger of the year awards anytime soon and in all honesty , it was only a temporary thing )

We’re looking for 3 team members or 1 who can play the role of 3 efficiently ….

All opportunities are open to applications as of Monday 28th November and interview dates will take place mid December … (before the snuggle season truly kicks in )

So – what are these opportunities then ?

We’re on the lookout for a Social Media Assistant



If that has left you a little intrigued or know someone perfect for this opportunity  ,

Send an email today for a Job description at :

Check back in tomorrow for the second one 🙂

Ce la Vie ,

I’m off to spread the news around the WWW ………



A little reminder …

Some days we forget to value ourselves ,
Sometimes , we even undervalue others
We forget that we too deserve care ,
We forget that there are those who are still healing ,
We forget to tell another how special they are in our lives ,
We forget to call one another up and say “Hey You – You’re amazing ” ,
We forget that the pace of life is indeed causing irreparable damage to families , to communities and to the world in fact and we forget to take it easy on ourselves .
Lest we forget
Some days , I forget that one of the most simple way to minimize inflammation is to elevate my legs .
Thanks to individuals around London  , Quintain , Car Giant , London and Regional development and the Mayor of London – we’ll be on a mission to make london Fruitfull !
Punch and Juicy Liquid Foods will be launching a Juice Academy in the new year
In 8 weeks time
So , I’ve been upskilling in the fast lane , trying to absorb as much information that would help me to harness the ways of a successful social entrepreneur , which should enable me to deliver the project effectively ..
So , what’s been happening over the last 6 weeks  ?
Let it be known ,  celebrations (If any ) were short lived , there was none of the presumed glory parties – and the only basking I’ve been doing is in the reflection of a computer screen  ..
There is so much more to making things happen ,
it’s overcoming the little things that take the joys out of the journey ,
the paperwork ,
nursing a hidden/chronic illness,
ordering manure or compost ,
dealing with a range of different people  ,
the draft plans  ,
the emails / the backlog thereof, the un-updated database and forever growing pile of business cards  ,
the 5pm traffic and the way people push /shove to get on the bus not to mention the amount of rucksacks that get stuck in train doors ..
For me ,looking back over 2016 , I think it is quite evident , that all I wanted to do was get in a garden , make smoothies and teach others how to do the same … the perfect pace of life for someone like myself … simple , some would think .
Over the last few months , I realise that the Aesthetics is one thing but the internal mechanics of running a business , social enterprise , CIC , Charity is just as important ..
 So , it was with great pleasure , going back to basics , earlier this month at Harlesden Hub even more so , when this little fellow stopped by , looking at the fruits in awe
He reminded me why The Juice Academy was a much needed activity , especially for little people who may need that extra little confidence boost  … his mum was quite chuffed when he stepped forward and started to create his own Melon and Berry Smoothie …
We both bid farewell with smiles on our faces , both proud of his achievement and that moment I was able to put it all into manageable perspective , this child and others deserved to smile


Rushing from meeting to meeting , in a bid to look our best  – it’s very easy to forget that the very simple things in life really matter   .

Take a moment today to think about what matter’s to you

Tips for a better memory
Vitamin B , Leafy Greens , 10 minutes of morning meditation – it really helps to focus the mind , Sweet Potatoes roasted with Rosemary .
Wishing every one a memorable weekend

And just like that – it’s November , time to update the blog …. Finally !

Can you believe , we are all about to embark on the 2nd week of the 11th month , time has flown by, but hasn’t it been a riveting year so far ?


I’ve seen far more awards being won , Social enterprises being launched , Tomatoes growing on forecourts and crowdfund targets hit than ever before …

And the weird thing about it is , these experiences all stem from the need to heal , love of juice and some very supportive friends …

In actual fact this project has been a saving grace , the opportunity to be in a clean , green environment , to make and create Smoothies , Juices and teach others how  to do it , is indeed gratifying .

There’s more to it , than throwing a Cucumber into a blender and saying ” Hey pesto ” , it’s the smiles you see as children leave the growing gardens with potted plants , the interest invoked when you hear someone’s grandmother say they want to make juice because they’re tired of taking pills or creating an alternative self employ-ability programme for those teenagers who may not fit  into societies mold .  .


On that note , raise a glass (Or a cup of Chai ) to toast everyone who took timeout to pledge and support our recent Crowdfund Campaign to officially launch a Juice Academy , because believe it or not , it definitely wasn’t an easy task raising funds in a documented area of social depravity and with that same toast , give yourself a pat on the back for surviving every tribulation or hurdle that tried to trip you up along the way …


Life has a lot to teach us – ( if we pay attention ) the most of the lessons will teach us of how great we really are .

The texts /emails/phone calls/Social media posts , long nights and early mornings , getting stuck in the rain – actually amounted to something mindbogglingly magnificent .

 masses of love to all of you

May your homes be filled with fruitfullness and odd looking veggies 🙂

So , what’s the next step ?

We’ll be inviting all of our backer’s and members of the local community for a Juice, Smoothie or/and some Soup this month to celebrate our success and share what we’ll be getting up to over the next few months .


Thanks to the amazing team behind the Harlesden Hub Pilot  as we’ll be popping up on Friday 11th November 2016 from 1-4pm , we’re looking forward to making Harlesden a little more Fruitfull . . .

The Harlesden Hub is a project aimed at bringing together local people and organisation’s to provide support and advice and make connections.
The Hub will be open for two-weeks in locations in the centre of Harlesden and will host a range of activities which will encourage better connections, new relationships and sharing of information.

To claim your free liquid lunch just join the eventbrite page and print out your ticket . Bring it along with you on Friday 11th November at 1pm – 4pm  .


Juicy tip

Stock up on Nature’s goodies : Ginger , Lemongrass , Manuka Honey , Turmeric , Moringa Seeds/Leaves for extra added protection this Winter season x

Pop back in a couple of days …

Where did the time go …

Cut , Copy -Delete ..Paste and Re-Caps

So , literally just deleted this off the FB Status – as it was a rather long recap and really belonged in a place where , followers of the journey could , kick back and read a lengthy update … comfortably , thank the Gods for Cut and Paste ..


So anyway

We recently decided to organise a fundraising style pop up tour .. from the 8th August until the 21st August 2016 in our bid to hit our target and spread the word at the same time .


And we started with a Summer Juice Academy which would incorporate Revo Seccus , a community organisation in Brent .

Our group currently consists of 6 x 11-16 year olds , who all have different characteristics , but are able to work with each other respectively – ( which in fact is a great way to promote inter-generational mindsets  )

Zion and Omar

Roles have been set and will       probably change – but hey20160805_033834

We managed to get through the 2nd day without a Smoothie ( as one attendee decided to munch all the fruits and forgot to replace them  , the rest of the group expressed their disgruntleness , laughed it off   ) and so began real team rapport .

So , what can you say about transitioning adults ?


Full of confidence , knowing that the world holds within it – great opportunities, but most times fail to see , their own importance within the bigger scheme of things


As , I saw the phones breaking out and no ingredients to bale me out , I thought fast and went back into the memory bank of “have done’s and I’ve beens ” , to draw upon my stage management and drama skills – and we managed to devise a sales pitch , market research questionnaire and a new flyer !

Very happy to say ..

The Juice Academy concept is growing in all it’s tiers – From new Crops to Pop Up’s it’s doing what it say’s on the packet

Having successfully piloted the Fruitfull Juice Academy in April .. this is a great opportunity to test the feasibility of teaching the young people how to grow , create and sell their own produce on a different level and age group .20160805_192836

The Root to Market tier , is a great way to support them in their personal bids to be entrepreneurs .. wether it be in the Juicing industry or owning their own natural hair production lines .. so , we’re definitely on the right road .

But . We will need your help to succeed in our endeavours .  

So ..

On that note – if you’d like to support our cause and do something great at the same time . 

Here are a few ways to do so ..ZIONSponsor a teenager who wants to gain a new skill this Summer for £24.00 a day .

Get in contact if you have a Son / Daughter

£3.80 per hour ( Drop in )

£10.00 per day ( Low income ) £24.00 per day  ( Working Parent )

Or make a pledge at

#Fruitfull #JuiceAcademy #RootToMarketPilot #CrowdfundLDN #PunchAndJuicy  #Juiced

Public Reminder … #63DaysToGo

Afternoon all

With 63 Days to go to raise £11,000 , massive thanks to all those pledging already , but we still need the help of the wider community of we want to make our vision a reality . .

This month has ben jam packed and today is no diffrent … only difference , is the capacity in which we are busy in .

Who are we ?

Punch and Juicy have partnered with Revo Seccus to offer a new interactive programme teaching young people semi- independent kitchen skills with alternative self employment guidance

We are asking as many people as possible to support the ‪#‎CrowdfundLDN‬ Campaign to launch the first ‪#‎JuiceAcademy‬

The Juice Academy plans to get communities living well by creating healthy allotments and provide valuable education on using fruit and vegetables to improve their health by juicing


Find out more here ( don’t forget to pledge )

Please share

Get in contact : /

Thanks in advance

… Akward silences … Oooh’s and Aaaah’s #CrowdfundLDN

So , the clock is definitely ticking , the pitch night is nearly all but a memory and it’s all systems go …
Whatever that system is ,
I seem to be using the outdated version ,
 So here I am looking at a million and one way’s to make another £11,000 to match the
Mayor’s pledge and by gum – it’s not an easy task at all – so massive kudos – to those who have done it successfully ….
It sometimes feels as though , people may read a headline but fewer read the actual story .
So a wink to all who wait until the end to see what happens next …. and actually act therein , because the reality is that every pledge helps …. inevitably keeping the storyline alive …
It’s ever so akward explaining the nature of crowdfunding –
You repeatedly say the same thing in different ways
with the hope that someone actually gets the gist  …
 when you try to relay the magnitde of your overall goal
              You get a mixed reply –
                     ooh’s and ahh’s
                   And maybe the odd
” Ahh  …… I understand “
I’ve seen so many facial expressions ,
many of which could easily put Jim Carrey to the test especially when you share the golden nugget
” We need to raise £11,000 more ..”
Conversations , soon disintergrate and hurriedly turn into well wishes and swift goodbyes ,
disheartening are the well worded mass inboxes that are never answered , but give you a notification to let you know
“Sara J has left the conversation ” ….
another akward silence occurs , when you see Sara J  on the same bus route as you ,
the next morning  .
Synchronicity sure does choose her times 🙂
All recapping aside though
We (I) have 71 days to raise £11,000 to fund and launch our Juice Academy in Brent .
And we (I) need slightly more pledges to help get us there  –
We hope to teach , transfer skills and train young people in growing , producing and selling their own products
Our averall target is £22,451.00
Thanks to the Mayor of London, Street pledgers and 29 Online Pledgers we are currently on
you can also make a pledge or gift in kind at
Be sure to pop back in on Friday …….
We’d like to introduce you to our new crop’s 🙂
#RootToMarket #JuiceAcademy #HowDoesYourGardenGrow #PunchAndJuicy

Clear outs , Clarity and Blooming Courgettes

Clear outs and Clarity Part 1

You know it’s time for a little clear out , when the source just contines to bless you with good tidings and smiles to last a lifetime ,  as we enter into a new chapter of the Punch and Juicy Journey , its time to priotise and re-organise .


Everything Davina , Everything, it’s time to get real


Maybe a good chance to start from scratch somewhat , call it the rebirth … of something that was slightly premature  , a feel good concept that had a hint of “share the love” factor

But , as we all know – love doesn’t pay the bills

Admittedly , at one point we were doing more favour pop ups in desperatiion to keep the name in the pipeline , we seemingly lost the spark , disheartened by one too many false starts , we needed actual bookings that would sustain the future of our ultimate vision

To open a fully equipped and thriving Juice Bar that enabled us to transfer skills whilst being able to live happily ever after . Inherently too much self resourced community outreach could have had a part to play with our failing income …

I’d personally say  … “Do share the love , when you’re in a position to do so !”


Glad to confirm lessons have been learnt and achievenments have been marvelled upon ,

I am now happy to offer a functional service that will create opportunities that will benefit everyone , including Punch and Juicy and the founders and staff thereof /thereafter  .

Clarity of purpose  is very important and with the odds now in Punch and Juicy’s favor

Aims have been raised , and it’s time to raise a bar or 2 … .

With our new delivery partners Revo Seccus of course , who will be facilitating our Root to Market workshops for budding entrepreneurs .


So , over the next few days I’ll be refining our new aims and objectives, editing the blog pages and generally getting rid of the old (slowly) to make way for the new (Surely)

.. But hey …We got Courgette Blooms Pt 2

Talking about Clear outs , I had a chance to pop into the Gardens to get my weekly dose of grounding and do a bit of weeding ..


A far cry from the world of Hashtags and Reshares .. it’s a really excellent place to be when the world starts to spin …

Even more so now we have sightings of a tiny tomatoe and Courgette blooms ,


Today I was joined by one of our budding fruiterers and aspiring Scientist Nayquan .. who brought 2 friends with him to start their own growing endeavour .. and told me quite respectfully , that he was not too impressed by my sparodic visiting times , which hindered him from watering his plants .. so there youhave it , we’ll need a gardener to join the team soon enough ..

He pops by every week since planting a few seeds a month ago …

I could see the happiness as he realised his food was starting to grow .. even more happier when I gave them a mini allotment box to guard over , which they immediately desnailed , deweeded and watered .. ( Thanks to Gabriel at Crisis Skylight Brent ) 

We then spoke to and about Snails with budding artist Emilia who released a fair few in a Tree  , she told me proudly that she had learnt everything she knew about growing Potatoes in Poland ( all knowledge credited to her grandad of course …) and promised to decorate the raised bed  because being good to Earth means we’ll be repayed with a good night sleep ( 10 year old Wisdom ) !

As we countdown the days to raise the pledges , it’s starting to feel a lot like a rubix cube … and I need a good nights sleep , so more grounding needed !


This chapter will need food , juice and a mammoth amount of energy to fullfill the expectatiom of everyone who has pledged /cheering from the sidelines at this point …

On that note : Let’s do the thank you credits

P.s I’ve been doing this , quite a bit lately 🙂

We would like to thank the following in raising to date £10,444 for the launch of Punch and Juicy Market Place and Juice Academy

  • Roushell Porter
  • Maya Stephonson
  • Mayor of London
    Tom Godfrey
    Abigail Matthews
    Jamie Robinson
    Tammuz Thompson
    LuvLee Lee
    Michele Whitby
    t campbell
    Sam Boyd
    Alex Eburne
    Gavin McLaughlin
    Grass Roots Forest School
    Paxton Primary
    Darren Anthony
    Aaron O’Dowling-Keane
  • Michele Whitby
    Kiran Chahal
    James Parkinson
    Hugo Makepeace
    David Adams
    C Morgan
    Kiran Chahal
    Harriet Gridley
    Jay (Harlesden)
    Danny’s Kiosk (Harlesden)
    Leeroy Simpson (HTT ? )
    Inderpal Singh ( Who’s next foods , Harlesden )
    Paula Tate ( Llyods Grocery ,Harlesden)
    Ray Witter
    Afternoon Controller @Cheetah Cabs (Willesden )
    Devon Morgan (Simply the Best Barbers,Willesden)
    Gabriel Parfitt ( Crisis /HTG ,Harlesden )
    Afternoon Reception (Crisis,Harlesden
    Dj Laurie (Shepherds Bush )
    Rasta that sells Plants (Shepherds Bush Market )
  • Jamal Edwards (SBTV)
    Gloria Tate (Llyods Grocery , Harlesden )
    Sis Israel (Harlesden)
    Natty Yngwe
    Karen (Unique and Special Gift Wear )
    Sabrina Hunt
    The Elder in W12
    Headley ( The Sorrel Man )
    Churps Ice Cream
    Lloyds Grandsons (Lloyds Groceries)
    Grace’s Cakes

    We still got a little distance to go and 80 days left – You can support s by heading over to

    If you would like to become a corporate sponsor or make a large pledge to our campaign , please contact Davina Roberts or


    No Snails were harmed in the making of this blog x

    Whatever you do today , Make it fruitfull

Dear Mr Mayor RE: #CrowdfundLDN

Wow, what an exhilirating experience , the Mayor of London  has revealed his chosen 20 campaigns , each are in with a chance of gaining his support to launch their community projects .. and we’re one of them !


I was invited to my first Live PITCH AND PLEDGE event at City Hall .. on Tuesday and attended on Wednesday evening and the world hasn’t stopped spinning since , after hearing our project had gotten through to pitch ,Butterflies seemed to have taken residence in the pit of my stomach  .

The brilliance of what lay’s hidden within the busy streets of London was evident and vibrated through the room as each Project had only 2 mins to Pitch their Projects/idea’s , great to see so many people creating new and exciting opportunities for their commnities and then some …. if not more ..

The truth is , it hasn’t been an easy journey but ultimately taking part has been a valuable toolkit for asking for what you need when no one else seem’s to be listening  , I’ve encountered negative feedback and the non-believers , the worst kind of adversity in a Social Entrepreneur’s journey, have made me a little more tenacious in my bid to launch our Juice Academy a reality … and look forward to a fruitfull future ..

We have seen the benefits of our Juice Academy and personally speaking every child has left with the confidence to go into the kitchen and make their own smoothies , the joy seen from something as simple as a Strawberry being blitzed to smitherins , is enough to make you freeze a lot more fruits for a next session ..

Since piloting in April we’ve decided to take it a step further now , the aim is to start growing our own produce and transfer skills to 3 to 25 year olds , from growing to selling , we aim to make sure young people learn the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle , knowledge of business whilst opening training and employment opportunities for teenagers .

Young people have already starting planting food’s in their neighbour’s garden’s and we’ve got Courgette shoots popping up too

In a time where young people lack the access to nature in it’s rawest form is rare , our root to market programme will teach them how and where their food comes from .

The £10,000 gesture is a big motivation to hit our target .

We know that funding is limited and want to make sure the concept has a stable fuuture , so hope to use some of the crowdfund to kickstart a regular marketplace where the money raised will go straight back into the academy  and help us locate new growing spaces .

We’re hoping to raise £23,090 and thanks to the Mayor , we’re nearly half way there with £10,302 in our crowdfund pot , we need your help to get things kickstarted ..

Pledge as much as little as you can , share the news , spread the word – we need as many pledges as possible to make it happen …

AND you’ll be invited to a large Mocktail , when we hit our target of course 🙂 …


A massive thatnks to EVERYONE Root-ing for us 😉

Read the official Release here :

Make a pledge here :

Join the fruitfull journey here :

Logging out for now x