As September approaches …. we’re going from Root To Market … and then back to teaching Little People how to #MakeItFruitfull

Good afternoon all …

Hope you’ve enjoyed the month of August so far !

O.k , so we haven’t had an abundance of Sun in the U.K  , but that hasn’t stopped food from growing … and that’s a good thing-  so we’d like to thank the recent rainfall . You’ve given us some very wonky but healthy veg  !!



Although we admittedly haven’t had consistent Juice bar weather … it’s been great opportunity to invite people over to pick their own 🙂 and plant a few bits and bobs – just in time for us to introduce our new and improved Homegrown Soup Selection in Autumn

Different foods are popping up weekly against all odds (and Weeds … ) with the main growing site incomplete and our Cucumber Crop diminishing overnight , it’s beauty full to see the effort and time donated by surrogates in our other sites this year  , without them – things could’ve been a lot different . All in all – it’s taught us that growth can be a test of patience and immense joy at the same time  … a bit like the weather ..

dff4960de0ea8756149ede6a7408f73d--impatiens-garden-quotes.jpg ..


For those of you who have budding little gardener’s pottering around the house ( particularly those with no access to a garden )  …we now have a few growing spaces to deliver our workshop’s to young people around Brent and can confirm we have #RootToMarket programmes starting in mid September – they’ll be running in West Hampstead , Mill Lane , Queens Park and Harlesden .

We’re also on the lookout for green fingered individuals who’d like to become surrogates for current and future growing sites .

(If you have a few free hours on your hands that you’d like to donate look out for more information – we’ll throw in your own 2mby1m raised bed so you can grow your own too  )

Changes , re-arranging and new Stages

Albeit a little late to be going back to the drawing board , it’s that time of the year – where most Social enterprises are taking downtime pauses to evaluate their Social Impact before moving on to new adventures (you have to admit it’s been a jam packed year so far .. ) Social entrepreneur’s are fighting burnout globally , like blight – it appears from no where and can take out a whole team in 1 quick swoop if left to spread ..

So , we’re following suit and taking a short Hiatus to rejuvenate ourselves and refresh the brand !


Talking about the brand ..

For those of you wondering what’s happening with our Pop up …

You’ll be glad to know that we will indeed be opening a bar in Queens Park Nomadic Gardens .. come rain or shine ( preferably Shine btw )



Set in the middle of Queens Park and Cusp of South Kilburn , the newest kid on the block – literally , Queens Park Nomadic Garden is a stones throw away from the Granville Centre and the Bakerloo train station , located at the old press site, it is a creative open space for residents and members of the community ,  home to eclectic artists , growing beds and soon Punch and Juicy Liquid Foods ..

If you live/work further afield why not pop in and visit us in Tower Hill next Wednesday and every other Wednesday thereafter as we make our debut with 19 other Street Food Brands ♡ the new place to avoid the midweek hump !

Nutritional Support ..

We’re now a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists – the Juice Lady managed to complete a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and a Detox Specialist Diploma   , we look forward to officially offering Nutritional Consultations to compliment our Juice Cleanse Packages and to kickstart Autumn correctly we’re giving you the opportunity to test our Pretox / Detox / Retox cleanses and see the results of tweaking your current eating habits for only £19.99 ?

We’ll throw in a Free Food Journal and A-Z of Superfoods with every consultation booked in September !

The Juice Academy

We had an amazing time with the Little People of West Hampstead , helping them to Build a Beach …


The Little People of West Hampstead successfully built their own beach , set up their own juice bar – stacked with Fruit Kebabs and slices of Watermelon with the help of Especially For You Gifts and created their own lunch with foods donated by The Felix Project …


They did an excellent job of working as a team , managing Smoothie order’s and keeping Mums and Toddlers happy for the afternoon : )

If you’d like to book a Juice Academy Workshop , get a discount by booking 5 sessions .. or book a 2 Hour Taster Session for £7.50 a head ( Minimum 10 children )

So there you have it , our August update …

Over and Out

#SeeYouInSeptember …



Volunteer’s wanted .. for our #FruitfullWeekender


Good new’s Fruitfull one’s 😊

We’re finally launching our Hire-able Juice bar and we’re doing it big .. so we’re on the lookout for some happy to helper’s to join us for this occasion .

Join us on Monday to find out more

Join the #FruitfullAdventure 🍉🍍💃 Come and Join us for a FREE Juice when you sign up to Volunteer at our Hire-Able Juice Bar launch Date : Friday 7th July 2017 – Sunday 9th July 2017 .. We're expecting over 30,000 footfall throughout the weekend and need a few helping hands to serve samples and speak to people 😊 If you would like to hear more .. Contact us on Or visit us on Monday 5th June 2017 at Wembley Civic Centre .. Look forward to meeting you 🍸 #volunteer #volunteers #VolunteerWeek #Brent #FreshJuice #HireableJuiceBar #opportunity #Opportunities #streetteam #PromotionTeam #Marketing #FruitfullOpportunities #JoinTheAdventure #FruitfullFuture #PunchAndJuicyVisits #attitudeofgratitude #MakeItFruitfull #PunchAndJuicy #Festival

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We have now started work on our Root To Market Growing Space !!! Thanks to our #CrowdfundLDN Campaign


Massive thanks to all those who are helping us to

Launch our Root To Market Programme

Date : Saturday 22nd April 2017 Bridge Road Allotments

Time : 12pm – 5pm

Located at

Lot 15 Dog Lane , Woodheyes Road , London , NW10 9DE

Please note

The Mayor of Brent will officially be in attendance at 1pm to “Cut the Ribbon ” on behalf of all those who pledged to our #CrowdfundLDN Campaign .

For more information on how to get involved email :

#TeamworkMakesTheDreamwork #MakeItFruitfull #punchandjuicy #RootToMarket #ThankYou #AttitudeOfGratitude #landscape #Architecture #BuildingTheVision #ThankYouMrMayor #Brent #NW10 #growyourownfood #GrowYourOwn

The Mayor of Brent joins Punch and Juicy on the Root to Market

Great news everyone ,

The Mayor of Brent has accepted our invitation to officially open Punch and Juicy’s Root to Market Programme on Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 1pm 😊


It would be lovely if you could join us too …
As part of the National #BigDig campaign we will be holding our first event to mark a year since we launched our first Juice Academy teaching young people

👉How to grow , create and sell their own products .


We’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to the official opening of our “Root To Market” Allotment Space in NW10 – giving you the opportunity to Dig In ��.

Come down on Saturday 22nd April 2017 to find out more about the programme and how to get involved .
Join us as we build and sow seeds for the future .

Things to do on the day :

�Help create a Herb Garden
�Help to build the Root To Market training area
�Learn how to build a raised bed
�Plant some Summer Berries

And our newly team member will be running a build a Geo Dome workshop !!!!

�� With 100ft of beauty full soil , there’s enough room for everyone to get involved ��
We’ll bring the Lemon Aid & Ginger Ail – You bring your seeds 🌱


Register here :

For more information please email

Keep popping in for more information .

Punch and Juicy Joins in The Big Dig 2017

Fruitfull Afternoon to one and all …
As part of the National #BigDig campaign to engage communities in growing , we will be holding our first Capital Growth event to mark the Pilot of our “Root To Market Programme” which took place in April 2016  , from a small bag of soil to 100ft of Allotment space – we’ve definitely achieved a lot in a year and now we’d like to share the joys of planting seeds for the future …with you !!
Now that we have hit our Crowdfund target , we can now start work on building a foundation and We’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to the official opening of our first “Root To Market” Allotment Space in NW10 – giving you the opportunity to Dig In and get involved  🍃
Our aim is to get the site ready to teach young people how to grow , create and sell their own produce/products in the Summer but we’ll need your help !!
Come down on Saturday 22nd April 2017 to build and sow seeds for the future .
👉Help create a Herb Garden
👉Help to build the Root To Market training area
👉Learn how to build a raised bed
👉Plant some Summer Berries
And more 😊
🌱With 100ft of beauty full soil , there’s enough room for everyone to get involved 🌱
Bring your wellies and We’ll bring the Lemon Aid & Ginger Ail
Join us here to keep upto date :
#RootToMarket #MakeItFruitfull #HowDoesYourGardenGrow


New Liquid Food Delivery Service

Live in Brent / West London ?

👉Are you fed up of eating the same old lunch ?

👉Want to try something different ?

👉Ready to get healthy ?


Try our New Liquid Lunch delivery service !! 🍎🍋🍏Coming soon 🍏🍌🍎


✔Fresh Juices , ✔Fresh Smoothies , ✔Fresh Punches , ✔Mixed Nuts , ✔Dried Fruits , ✔Alkaline Water’s , ✔Soups , ✔Fruit Baskets , ✔Dairy Free Shakes , ✔Healthy Snack bars and Energy Balls .

Straight to your door , Office desk or Choose a Pick up point !

Email :

Look forward to making your life a little more Fruitfull 😍


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Paying it forward … the Fruitfull way

So , remember when I said I’d be packing my bag and heading off to Spain .. and I went all fernweh with a million and one Travel quotes and memes ?



Well , about that – Like the BBC opportunity

It’s not going to happen .

There will be no quick getaways .. (not just yet anyway ..)

As, I’m currently tied up with setting up the official launch of the Fruitfull Juice Academy and other behind the screens stuff but hey hey ……

Happy to confirm that I’ll be sending someone on my behalf !


Yep …

This individual will not only get to enjoy the sunset in Ourense, Spain but will also meet Social Entrepreneurs , network with changemakers across the water .. and learn a thing or 2 about business


In all honesty , I was slightly disappointed that no one looked the gift horse in the mouth .. because the nature of “paying it forward” comes naturally to an entrepreneur when they reach the road less travelled , ”  the Flight or Fight theory ” kicks in when adversity rares it head .. call it the law of Entrepreneurship …

“Pay it forward or Pay dearly ” .

With time ticking and the invitation open to immediate RSVP , not one reply to my very public call out .

But a few days , 1 call and a scream down the phone later – one 18 year old will have the opportunity to travel to Spain .. to promote what we do here in the U.K 

Maybe it’s because of all the people who unconditionally opened doors for Punch and Juicy in the early years , by giving me the opportunity to break out of the box , or it maybe all the people who restored my faith by pledging towards our Crowdfund LDN campaign or could it be the very special people who bailed me out last year when I found myself in a less than fruitfull situation and about to lose Punch and Juicy (or my mind )

Whatever the case maybe .. the truth is ..

pifquote Not sure why I decided to share this with you at 4.44 Am

But it feels good to share these snippets of the Fruitfull journey with you all … Naturally ❤




Lulls , Lullaby’s and not one L.O.L (Prelude before the 2016 recap )

Wow , just made it before February .

Is it too late to wish a magnificently Fruitfull New Year to one and all .. ?


Nope ?

I didn’t think so 🙂

Hope the Weather is being kind and the threat of Snow storms haven’t put you off of starting/launching a new project ?


So , what’s been happening you wonder ..

2017 started as if the year 2016 hadn’t ended , forgetting to take my entrepreneurial hat off , a sack full of good memories , had me catapulting into the New Year forgetting that everyone else had taken time out in December to celebrate … to rejuvenate …for a reason !

But not me .. I was counting down the days to continue on regardless ..with new allotment key in hand and Gardeners waiting to turn over the soil .. there was no time like the present ..


I even managed to pass my Nutritional therapy course and flew head on into a Child Safety workshop which felt great – until I realised everyone else was still taking the opportunity to either enjoy the last of the Xmas pudding or to burn off last years Turkey .

Blinkers on , noisy notifications switched to mute , I was determined to get all of my to do’s ticked off


I ignored the “What I ate last Xmas pics “, turned down the New Year party invitations , but slowly began to realise , that missing my annual opportunity to mope around in track bottoms and woolly socks – was a big mistake and concluded that I should’ve taken that well deserved break .

Memo to self : Even progress needs a break ( Thanks for the timely reminder Volvo ) 

The end of 2016 , was also the point when I tried to end a non conducive project partnership which was somewhat challenging to say the least .

I’ve learnt so much about conflict resolution by dealing with it face to face (or should I say via a mass of CC’d messages ) it’s one of those things that no one is really willing to do for you and understandably so – it’s a messy task that makes or breaks an entrepreneur , baring in mind, with all the best intention , some times , there is no resolve , but the lessons therein are life changing .



Post conflict

I got the call that a close friend had passed away – and that’s when the Lull began ..

The Social media posts became sporadic , I had started to ignore phone calls and became aware that the texts always started with “Can you ” rather than “How are you

I was upset and didn’t know how to deal with the news (writing another reference was the last thing on my mind ..  )

Although I found some solace in the beauty full voice of Lizz Wright whose songs became my Lullaby’s


I still feel a little sensitive , but a whole lot wiser .

Simple thoughts of a Social Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs forget to stay human in the endeavor to build a successful enterprise and inevitably our family and personal lives are sacrificed – which in turn becomes detrimental to our overall growth .


This realisation has forced me to seek out ways to stay grounded as well as gain some work/life momentum in 2017 if not a little more selective about who and what I collaborate on/with .  .

So , I’m pretty thankful about being chosen to take part in an entrepreneurial exchange in Spain  .. fingers crossed , all goes well – I’ll be away for a week networking with and speaking to international change makers .

Not to worry , you won’t miss out …

I’ll be updating the blog throughout the next fortnight until I handover to our new Social Media Assistant , so do keep popping in to see our new menu , find out about our new workshops or just to say Hi

Over and out ….

See you in February ; )

3 … is the magic number !!

So – here we are , on our 3rd opportunity for the next fortnight . As you may know we’ve been on the look out for a few new team members to join us on our #FruitfullJourney .

We’re about to embark on our very first Official Fruitfull Juice Academy programme in 2017 ( in under 7 weeks to be exact )  –

Teaching young people how to grow their own food , make tasty smoothies and hopefully set up their own bar’s around London  !!

But it all kicks off in Brent !   I’m not allowed to reveal too much at the moment … but we’ll be popping up in schools across the borough raising awareness about the benefits of healthy drinking  … ( and I hope to start in an area that holds a lot of memories for me ! )



This seemed like a very small project when we piloted earlier in the year , but the magnitude has sincerely shone light on all the little bits that were missing …

A matter of a few more people and a lot more skills will be required and in all honesty there’s a little too much I and not enough WE ….

So yes , without further ado – for those of you interested , please welcome Opportunity Number 3 !

This role is an amazing one , I’m looking for someone who can cross the T’s and who knows where an apostrophe should be (Thanks David – your observation has been duly noted )

Not only will you be the foundation of all our forthcoming communication with all the mover’s and shaker’s – you’re going to be the first point of call when an enquiry comes in  , you’ll have the opportunity to meet some fantastic people and help to create a Virtual Office , AND you’ll be one of the first to taste our new menu    🙂


We hope to fill this role by Friday 16th December 2016 – PLEASE SHARE or apply at

For all of you wondering what’s happening with the Juice and Smoothies  ,

I’ll be honest – I’ve skipped a few in the last few weeks – but have started to create a tasty Butternut Squash , Swede and split pea soup – the perfect Winter Warmer seasoned with Mustard Seeds and Cumin , which has also doubled up as a gorgeous mash !

( P.s My current food on the go favourite is Bananas and Cashew Nuts , just in case you what a simple and quick snack  )

Over and Out Juicilicious ones x