Aims and Awards

The aim of ‘Punch and Juicy Liquid Foods ‘  is to re-introduce or introduce you to new methods of maintaining your health and help you to incorporate juicing , smoothie making and healthy eating into your current diet .



Coming soon


We aim to promote the benefits of healthy drinking as well as healthy eating by popping up in various locations either as an outlet or in the form of a workshop facilitator offering interactive workshops for a range of age groups .

Since lauching we have been recognised for our social work in communities around London and beyond .

Awards achieved 

  • Future 100 Entrepreneurs
  • Shortlisted Best Business Newcomer in Pitman Training Awards
  • 2012 Groundswell
  • Ogunte Make a Wave
  • Sparklers
  • New Entrepreneurial Scholarship
  • Unltd Award
  • Community Fare Share
  • Unltd
  • Community Champion’s Award
  • Mayor of London’s Civic Crowdfund Campaign Finalist Round 3
  • School of Social Entrepreneurs Fellowship .


Coming Soon



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