Welcome to our blog site ,

After many attempts to put a website together we decided to create a basic blog that you could follow , we are blog novice’s but hope to get to grips quickly

We hope to bring you on a juice adventure , look out for feature post’s   . 

Since founding the enterprise we have realised that drinking Juice can be a fun experience or for some a disaster ..So what’s it all about ?

We’ve heard and seen some stories , from those that tried juicing banana’s to some who couldn’t resist eating the mango before it got anywhere next to a juicer ..



We’ve all been there .. buying the juicer , following the trend for a few weeks and putting the contraption neatly at the back of the cupboard until the next time we decide a healthier lifestyle is in order …

If you are looking for an easier transition into a juicier lifestyle , you are in the right place .

Punch and Juicy hope to create and produce healthy liquid Foods that will offer you a natural boost , we realise that everyone cannot afford to purchase our product’s daily so we hope to equip a few of you the skill’s to create your own healthy concoctions too

The main purpose of our blog is to guide you gradually through the juicing process , giving you the tools and knowledge you need to maintain a juicier lifestyle without the rigidness of many cleanses . 

We’ll also plug our products , services and workshops  …..

and other’s too , of course 

Our liquid foods are made to compliment and enhance the bodies daily function.

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