As September approaches …. we’re going from Root To Market … and then back to teaching Little People how to #MakeItFruitfull

Good afternoon all …

Hope you’ve enjoyed the month of August so far !

O.k , so we haven’t had an abundance of Sun in the U.K  , but that hasn’t stopped food from growing … and that’s a good thing-  so we’d like to thank the recent rainfall . You’ve given us some very wonky but healthy veg  !!



Although we admittedly haven’t had consistent Juice bar weather … it’s been great opportunity to invite people over to pick their own 🙂 and plant a few bits and bobs – just in time for us to introduce our new and improved Homegrown Soup Selection in Autumn

Different foods are popping up weekly against all odds (and Weeds … ) with the main growing site incomplete and our Cucumber Crop diminishing overnight , it’s beauty full to see the effort and time donated by surrogates in our other sites this year  , without them – things could’ve been a lot different . All in all – it’s taught us that growth can be a test of patience and immense joy at the same time  … a bit like the weather ..

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For those of you who have budding little gardener’s pottering around the house ( particularly those with no access to a garden )  …we now have a few growing spaces to deliver our workshop’s to young people around Brent and can confirm we have #RootToMarket programmes starting in mid September – they’ll be running in West Hampstead , Mill Lane , Queens Park and Harlesden .

We’re also on the lookout for green fingered individuals who’d like to become surrogates for current and future growing sites .

(If you have a few free hours on your hands that you’d like to donate look out for more information – we’ll throw in your own 2mby1m raised bed so you can grow your own too  )

Changes , re-arranging and new Stages

Albeit a little late to be going back to the drawing board , it’s that time of the year – where most Social enterprises are taking downtime pauses to evaluate their Social Impact before moving on to new adventures (you have to admit it’s been a jam packed year so far .. ) Social entrepreneur’s are fighting burnout globally , like blight – it appears from no where and can take out a whole team in 1 quick swoop if left to spread ..

So , we’re following suit and taking a short Hiatus to rejuvenate ourselves and refresh the brand !


Talking about the brand ..

For those of you wondering what’s happening with our Pop up …

You’ll be glad to know that we will indeed be opening a bar in Queens Park Nomadic Gardens .. come rain or shine ( preferably Shine btw )



Set in the middle of Queens Park and Cusp of South Kilburn , the newest kid on the block – literally , Queens Park Nomadic Garden is a stones throw away from the Granville Centre and the Bakerloo train station , located at the old press site, it is a creative open space for residents and members of the community ,  home to eclectic artists , growing beds and soon Punch and Juicy Liquid Foods ..

If you live/work further afield why not pop in and visit us in Tower Hill next Wednesday and every other Wednesday thereafter as we make our debut with 19 other Street Food Brands ♡ the new place to avoid the midweek hump !

Nutritional Support ..

We’re now a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists – the Juice Lady managed to complete a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and a Detox Specialist Diploma   , we look forward to officially offering Nutritional Consultations to compliment our Juice Cleanse Packages and to kickstart Autumn correctly we’re giving you the opportunity to test our Pretox / Detox / Retox cleanses and see the results of tweaking your current eating habits for only £19.99 ?

We’ll throw in a Free Food Journal and A-Z of Superfoods with every consultation booked in September !

The Juice Academy

We had an amazing time with the Little People of West Hampstead , helping them to Build a Beach …


The Little People of West Hampstead successfully built their own beach , set up their own juice bar – stacked with Fruit Kebabs and slices of Watermelon with the help of Especially For You Gifts and created their own lunch with foods donated by The Felix Project …


They did an excellent job of working as a team , managing Smoothie order’s and keeping Mums and Toddlers happy for the afternoon : )

If you’d like to book a Juice Academy Workshop , get a discount by booking 5 sessions .. or book a 2 Hour Taster Session for £7.50 a head ( Minimum 10 children )

So there you have it , our August update …

Over and Out

#SeeYouInSeptember …