The official handover …

It’s official

After a long week – I’m officially handing over our online communications to our Newly appointed Social Media Manager !

With the allotment , the Summer Root to Market Programme and Juice bar popping up at the New Nomadic Gardens in South Kilburn .. it really is time to pass the blog baton .



With a serious backlog of paperwork , an overdue gratitude meditation and some amazing opportunities on the table – it’s time to adopt a steely focus on the sustainability trail .



Lessons have been learnt and I’d like to share more about the journey to date – but after deep consideration , it would be unfair to delay the handover any longer – so please look out for our First Fruitfull Adventure book early 2018 – capturing some of the high’s , not so high’s , recipes , projects and the story behind the Social Enterprise . Β 

Progress is when you can laugh at what once made you cry – and I can confess there’s been quite a few tears …Β 


But in the meantime , would like to welcome Ms Hanan Ramadan to the Punch and Juicy team …

Punch and Juicy Liquid Foods , Social Media Manager ..

Has always had an interest in health and diet from a young age and went on to work for the UK health regulators such as the General Dental Council and the Health and Care Professions Council.

In those roles she protected the public’s health interests by liaising with them directly and reporting findings to the necessary departments .

Her own personal experience with health and lifestyle stems from being diagnosed 15yrs ago with a rare hormonal condition called Cushing’s syndrome, which she has now been cured of and keen to raise awareness of this illness.

(Feel free to contact her in regard to finding out more about Cushings Syndrome)

With a personal interest in natural beauty products and how nature can keep you young , Hanan will be raising awareness from a wholisitic point of view..

Feel free to request information and suggest a topic discussion .


Please bare with us over the next couple of weeks as Our team member takes over the reigns .. but rest assured you’ll be able to enjoy an informative blog that will help to support your Lifestyle goals .

Thank you to everyone who supports our endeavour to promote healthy Liquid Foods in the form healthy nutritious Juice and Smoothie blends and welcome new supporters to enjoy the #FruitfullAdventure to get London Drinking Health- (ier) 😊


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You may have noticed a few changes already .

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Davina x