Paying it forward … the Fruitfull way

So , remember when I said I’d be packing my bag and heading off to Spain .. and I went all fernweh with a million and one Travel quotes and memes ?



Well , about that – Like the BBC opportunity

It’s not going to happen .

There will be no quick getaways .. (not just yet anyway ..)

As, I’m currently tied up with setting up the official launch of the Fruitfull Juice Academy and other behind the screens stuff but hey hey ……

Happy to confirm that I’ll be sending someone on my behalf !


Yep …

This individual will not only get to enjoy the sunset in Ourense, Spain but will also meet Social Entrepreneurs , network with changemakers across the water .. and learn a thing or 2 about business


In all honesty , I was slightly disappointed that no one looked the gift horse in the mouth .. because the nature of “paying it forward” comes naturally to an entrepreneur when they reach the road less travelled , ”  the Flight or Fight theory ” kicks in when adversity rares it head .. call it the law of Entrepreneurship …

“Pay it forward or Pay dearly ” .

With time ticking and the invitation open to immediate RSVP , not one reply to my very public call out .

But a few days , 1 call and a scream down the phone later – one 18 year old will have the opportunity to travel to Spain .. to promote what we do here in the U.K 

Maybe it’s because of all the people who unconditionally opened doors for Punch and Juicy in the early years , by giving me the opportunity to break out of the box , or it maybe all the people who restored my faith by pledging towards our Crowdfund LDN campaign or could it be the very special people who bailed me out last year when I found myself in a less than fruitfull situation and about to lose Punch and Juicy (or my mind )

Whatever the case maybe .. the truth is ..

pifquote Not sure why I decided to share this with you at 4.44 Am

But it feels good to share these snippets of the Fruitfull journey with you all … Naturally ❤





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