Lulls , Lullaby’s and not one L.O.L (Prelude before the 2016 recap )

Wow , just made it before February .

Is it too late to wish a magnificently Fruitfull New Year to one and all .. ?


Nope ?

I didn’t think so 🙂

Hope the Weather is being kind and the threat of Snow storms haven’t put you off of starting/launching a new project ?


So , what’s been happening you wonder ..

2017 started as if the year 2016 hadn’t ended , forgetting to take my entrepreneurial hat off , a sack full of good memories , had me catapulting into the New Year forgetting that everyone else had taken time out in December to celebrate … to rejuvenate …for a reason !

But not me .. I was counting down the days to continue on regardless ..with new allotment key in hand and Gardeners waiting to turn over the soil .. there was no time like the present ..


I even managed to pass my Nutritional therapy course and flew head on into a Child Safety workshop which felt great – until I realised everyone else was still taking the opportunity to either enjoy the last of the Xmas pudding or to burn off last years Turkey .

Blinkers on , noisy notifications switched to mute , I was determined to get all of my to do’s ticked off


I ignored the “What I ate last Xmas pics “, turned down the New Year party invitations , but slowly began to realise , that missing my annual opportunity to mope around in track bottoms and woolly socks – was a big mistake and concluded that I should’ve taken that well deserved break .

Memo to self : Even progress needs a break ( Thanks for the timely reminder Volvo ) 

The end of 2016 , was also the point when I tried to end a non conducive project partnership which was somewhat challenging to say the least .

I’ve learnt so much about conflict resolution by dealing with it face to face (or should I say via a mass of CC’d messages ) it’s one of those things that no one is really willing to do for you and understandably so – it’s a messy task that makes or breaks an entrepreneur , baring in mind, with all the best intention , some times , there is no resolve , but the lessons therein are life changing .



Post conflict

I got the call that a close friend had passed away – and that’s when the Lull began ..

The Social media posts became sporadic , I had started to ignore phone calls and became aware that the texts always started with “Can you ” rather than “How are you

I was upset and didn’t know how to deal with the news (writing another reference was the last thing on my mind ..  )

Although I found some solace in the beauty full voice of Lizz Wright whose songs became my Lullaby’s


I still feel a little sensitive , but a whole lot wiser .

Simple thoughts of a Social Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs forget to stay human in the endeavor to build a successful enterprise and inevitably our family and personal lives are sacrificed – which in turn becomes detrimental to our overall growth .


This realisation has forced me to seek out ways to stay grounded as well as gain some work/life momentum in 2017 if not a little more selective about who and what I collaborate on/with .  .

So , I’m pretty thankful about being chosen to take part in an entrepreneurial exchange in Spain  .. fingers crossed , all goes well – I’ll be away for a week networking with and speaking to international change makers .

Not to worry , you won’t miss out …

I’ll be updating the blog throughout the next fortnight until I handover to our new Social Media Assistant , so do keep popping in to see our new menu , find out about our new workshops or just to say Hi

Over and out ….

See you in February ; )