3 … is the magic number !!

So – here we are , on our 3rd opportunity for the next fortnight . As you may know we’ve been on the look out for a few new team members to join us on our #FruitfullJourney .

We’re about to embark on our very first Official Fruitfull Juice Academy programme in 2017 ( in under 7 weeks to be exact )  –

Teaching young people how to grow their own food , make tasty smoothies and hopefully set up their own bar’s around London  !!

But it all kicks off in Brent !   I’m not allowed to reveal too much at the moment … but we’ll be popping up in schools across the borough raising awareness about the benefits of healthy drinking  … ( and I hope to start in an area that holds a lot of memories for me ! )



This seemed like a very small project when we piloted earlier in the year , but the magnitude has sincerely shone light on all the little bits that were missing …

A matter of a few more people and a lot more skills will be required and in all honesty there’s a little too much I and not enough WE ….

So yes , without further ado – for those of you interested , please welcome Opportunity Number 3 !

This role is an amazing one , I’m looking for someone who can cross the T’s and who knows where an apostrophe should be (Thanks David – your observation has been duly noted )

Not only will you be the foundation of all our forthcoming communication with all the mover’s and shaker’s – you’re going to be the first point of call when an enquiry comes in  , you’ll have the opportunity to meet some fantastic people and help to create a Virtual Office , AND you’ll be one of the first to taste our new menu    🙂


We hope to fill this role by Friday 16th December 2016 – PLEASE SHARE or apply at info@punchandjuicy.org.uk

For all of you wondering what’s happening with the Juice and Smoothies  ,

I’ll be honest – I’ve skipped a few in the last few weeks – but have started to create a tasty Butternut Squash , Swede and split pea soup – the perfect Winter Warmer seasoned with Mustard Seeds and Cumin , which has also doubled up as a gorgeous mash !

( P.s My current food on the go favourite is Bananas and Cashew Nuts , just in case you what a simple and quick snack  )

Over and Out Juicilicious ones x


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