3 … is the magic number !!

So – here we are , on our 3rd opportunity for the next fortnight . As you may know we’ve been on the look out for a few new team members to join us on our #FruitfullJourney .

We’re about to embark on our very first Official Fruitfull Juice Academy programme in 2017 ( in under 7 weeks to be exact )  –

Teaching young people how to grow their own food , make tasty smoothies and hopefully set up their own bar’s around London  !!

But it all kicks off in Brent !   I’m not allowed to reveal too much at the moment … but we’ll be popping up in schools across the borough raising awareness about the benefits of healthy drinking  … ( and I hope to start in an area that holds a lot of memories for me ! )



This seemed like a very small project when we piloted earlier in the year , but the magnitude has sincerely shone light on all the little bits that were missing …

A matter of a few more people and a lot more skills will be required and in all honesty there’s a little too much I and not enough WE ….

So yes , without further ado – for those of you interested , please welcome Opportunity Number 3 !

This role is an amazing one , I’m looking for someone who can cross the T’s and who knows where an apostrophe should be (Thanks David – your observation has been duly noted )

Not only will you be the foundation of all our forthcoming communication with all the mover’s and shaker’s – you’re going to be the first point of call when an enquiry comes in  , you’ll have the opportunity to meet some fantastic people and help to create a Virtual Office , AND you’ll be one of the first to taste our new menu    🙂


We hope to fill this role by Friday 16th December 2016 – PLEASE SHARE or apply at info@punchandjuicy.org.uk

For all of you wondering what’s happening with the Juice and Smoothies  ,

I’ll be honest – I’ve skipped a few in the last few weeks – but have started to create a tasty Butternut Squash , Swede and split pea soup – the perfect Winter Warmer seasoned with Mustard Seeds and Cumin , which has also doubled up as a gorgeous mash !

( P.s My current food on the go favourite is Bananas and Cashew Nuts , just in case you what a simple and quick snack  )

Over and Out Juicilicious ones x


And then there were 2 … (Opportunities)

Afternoon all ..

Just popping in to share our second opportunity ..

Very happy to read a few early bird C.V’s already sent in , even more happy to see a few students are applying  , if you missed it here it is again .



And here is the second one …


I’m a make do and mend , kind of lady , from a second hand table – we were able to kick start this whole adventure , but web design was a challenge and in all honesty , it’s time to call in a professional ( semi even ) .

Pop over to http://www.punchandjuicy.org.uk to see what I’m talking about  ..

If you have what it takes to bring our website up to scratch – please read below

Are you a talented Web and Graphics Designer looking for your next challenge? New to the field of web design and looking for a project or case study to kick start your career?

Would you like to work with an award winning Social enterprise?

Join our liquid food company and help to introduce us to the world, we’re looking for someone with an eye for colour and naturally creative , to work alongside a photographer and brand agency which will help to showcase our delicious liquid food range whilst capturing our social message to make London a little more Fruitfull

Email your Portfolio or links to previous work and you may find yourself in a rather fruitfull position in 2017

Look out for Opportunity Number 3 coming tomorrow 🙂

Ready , Steady ….

A blink of an eye and December is already around the corner , everyone’s talking about winding down , office parties and the opportunity to snuggle up with a loved one , whilst I’m here trying to get the Juice Academy promotional Campaign ready for January when school starts back  …….. did someone say


I mean , it’s all the way in January for crying out loud – what on earth could  I have been thinking about ?

As always my better self whispers “The future awaits … those who prepare  ”


A data analyst has joined the steering committee and she’s given me strict  guidelines for making the whole launch a successful one and not one party has been scheduled in for the next 6 weeks …  did I say strict guidelines ?

So there you have it … no going back now , the official countdown has started …

On that note however , I’d like to make a happy announcement .

We’ve decided it’s time to hand over the baton in the new year …. .


I’ve been advised to give someone the opportunity to give our online presence a much deserved makeover … (as I doubt I’ll be winning any blogger of the year awards anytime soon and in all honesty , it was only a temporary thing )

We’re looking for 3 team members or 1 who can play the role of 3 efficiently ….

All opportunities are open to applications as of Monday 28th November and interview dates will take place mid December … (before the snuggle season truly kicks in )

So – what are these opportunities then ?

We’re on the lookout for a Social Media Assistant



If that has left you a little intrigued or know someone perfect for this opportunity  ,

Send an email today for a Job description at : info@punchandjuicy.org.uk

Check back in tomorrow for the second one 🙂

Ce la Vie ,

I’m off to spread the news around the WWW ………



A little reminder …

Some days we forget to value ourselves ,
Sometimes , we even undervalue others
We forget that we too deserve care ,
We forget that there are those who are still healing ,
We forget to tell another how special they are in our lives ,
We forget to call one another up and say “Hey You – You’re amazing ” ,
We forget that the pace of life is indeed causing irreparable damage to families , to communities and to the world in fact and we forget to take it easy on ourselves .
Lest we forget
Some days , I forget that one of the most simple way to minimize inflammation is to elevate my legs .
Thanks to individuals around London  , Quintain , Car Giant , London and Regional development and the Mayor of London – we’ll be on a mission to make london Fruitfull !
Punch and Juicy Liquid Foods will be launching a Juice Academy in the new year
In 8 weeks time
So , I’ve been upskilling in the fast lane , trying to absorb as much information that would help me to harness the ways of a successful social entrepreneur , which should enable me to deliver the project effectively ..
So , what’s been happening over the last 6 weeks  ?
Let it be known ,  celebrations (If any ) were short lived , there was none of the presumed glory parties – and the only basking I’ve been doing is in the reflection of a computer screen  ..
There is so much more to making things happen ,
it’s overcoming the little things that take the joys out of the journey ,
the paperwork ,
nursing a hidden/chronic illness,
ordering manure or compost ,
dealing with a range of different people  ,
the draft plans  ,
the emails / the backlog thereof, the un-updated database and forever growing pile of business cards  ,
the 5pm traffic and the way people push /shove to get on the bus not to mention the amount of rucksacks that get stuck in train doors ..
For me ,looking back over 2016 , I think it is quite evident , that all I wanted to do was get in a garden , make smoothies and teach others how to do the same … the perfect pace of life for someone like myself … simple , some would think .
Over the last few months , I realise that the Aesthetics is one thing but the internal mechanics of running a business , social enterprise , CIC , Charity is just as important ..
 So , it was with great pleasure , going back to basics , earlier this month at Harlesden Hub even more so , when this little fellow stopped by , looking at the fruits in awe
He reminded me why The Juice Academy was a much needed activity , especially for little people who may need that extra little confidence boost  … his mum was quite chuffed when he stepped forward and started to create his own Melon and Berry Smoothie …
We both bid farewell with smiles on our faces , both proud of his achievement and that moment I was able to put it all into manageable perspective , this child and others deserved to smile


Rushing from meeting to meeting , in a bid to look our best  – it’s very easy to forget that the very simple things in life really matter   .

Take a moment today to think about what matter’s to you

Tips for a better memory
Vitamin B , Leafy Greens , 10 minutes of morning meditation – it really helps to focus the mind , Sweet Potatoes roasted with Rosemary .
Wishing every one a memorable weekend

And just like that – it’s November , time to update the blog …. Finally !

Can you believe , we are all about to embark on the 2nd week of the 11th month , time has flown by, but hasn’t it been a riveting year so far ?


I’ve seen far more awards being won , Social enterprises being launched , Tomatoes growing on forecourts and crowdfund targets hit than ever before …

And the weird thing about it is , these experiences all stem from the need to heal , love of juice and some very supportive friends …

In actual fact this project has been a saving grace , the opportunity to be in a clean , green environment , to make and create Smoothies , Juices and teach others how  to do it , is indeed gratifying .

There’s more to it , than throwing a Cucumber into a blender and saying ” Hey pesto ” , it’s the smiles you see as children leave the growing gardens with potted plants , the interest invoked when you hear someone’s grandmother say they want to make juice because they’re tired of taking pills or creating an alternative self employ-ability programme for those teenagers who may not fit  into societies mold .  .


On that note , raise a glass (Or a cup of Chai ) to toast everyone who took timeout to pledge and support our recent Crowdfund Campaign to officially launch a Juice Academy , because believe it or not , it definitely wasn’t an easy task raising funds in a documented area of social depravity and with that same toast , give yourself a pat on the back for surviving every tribulation or hurdle that tried to trip you up along the way …


Life has a lot to teach us – ( if we pay attention ) the most of the lessons will teach us of how great we really are .

The texts /emails/phone calls/Social media posts , long nights and early mornings , getting stuck in the rain – actually amounted to something mindbogglingly magnificent .

 masses of love to all of you

May your homes be filled with fruitfullness and odd looking veggies 🙂

So , what’s the next step ?

We’ll be inviting all of our backer’s and members of the local community for a Juice, Smoothie or/and some Soup this month to celebrate our success and share what we’ll be getting up to over the next few months .


Thanks to the amazing team behind the Harlesden Hub Pilot  as we’ll be popping up on Friday 11th November 2016 from 1-4pm , we’re looking forward to making Harlesden a little more Fruitfull . . .

The Harlesden Hub is a project aimed at bringing together local people and organisation’s to provide support and advice and make connections.
The Hub will be open for two-weeks in locations in the centre of Harlesden and will host a range of activities which will encourage better connections, new relationships and sharing of information.

To claim your free liquid lunch just join the eventbrite page and print out your ticket . Bring it along with you on Friday 11th November at 1pm – 4pm  .


Juicy tip

Stock up on Nature’s goodies : Ginger , Lemongrass , Manuka Honey , Turmeric , Moringa Seeds/Leaves for extra added protection this Winter season x

Pop back in a couple of days …