Cut , Copy -Delete ..Paste and Re-Caps

So , literally just deleted this off the FB Status – as it was a rather long recap and really belonged in a place where , followers of the journey could , kick back and read a lengthy update … comfortably , thank the Gods for Cut and Paste ..


So anyway

We recently decided to organise a fundraising style pop up tour .. from the 8th August until the 21st August 2016 in our bid to hit our target and spread the word at the same time .


And we started with a Summer Juice Academy which would incorporate Revo Seccus , a community organisation in Brent .

Our group currently consists of 6 x 11-16 year olds , who all have different characteristics , but are able to work with each other respectively – ( which in fact is a great way to promote inter-generational mindsets  )

Zion and Omar

Roles have been set and will       probably change – but hey20160805_033834

We managed to get through the 2nd day without a Smoothie ( as one attendee decided to munch all the fruits and forgot to replace them  , the rest of the group expressed their disgruntleness , laughed it off   ) and so began real team rapport .

So , what can you say about transitioning adults ?


Full of confidence , knowing that the world holds within it – great opportunities, but most times fail to see , their own importance within the bigger scheme of things


As , I saw the phones breaking out and no ingredients to bale me out , I thought fast and went back into the memory bank of “have done’s and I’ve beens ” , to draw upon my stage management and drama skills – and we managed to devise a sales pitch , market research questionnaire and a new flyer !

Very happy to say ..

The Juice Academy concept is growing in all it’s tiers – From new Crops to Pop Up’s it’s doing what it say’s on the packet

Having successfully piloted the Fruitfull Juice Academy in April .. this is a great opportunity to test the feasibility of teaching the young people how to grow , create and sell their own produce on a different level and age group .20160805_192836

The Root to Market tier , is a great way to support them in their personal bids to be entrepreneurs .. wether it be in the Juicing industry or owning their own natural hair production lines .. so , we’re definitely on the right road .

But . We will need your help to succeed in our endeavours .  

So ..

On that note – if you’d like to support our cause and do something great at the same time . 

Here are a few ways to do so ..ZIONSponsor a teenager who wants to gain a new skill this Summer for £24.00 a day .

Get in contact if you have a Son / Daughter

£3.80 per hour ( Drop in )

£10.00 per day ( Low income ) £24.00 per day  ( Working Parent )

Or make a pledge at

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