Clear outs , Clarity and Blooming Courgettes

Clear outs and Clarity Part 1

You know it’s time for a little clear out , when the source just contines to bless you with good tidings and smiles to last a lifetime ,  as we enter into a new chapter of the Punch and Juicy Journey , its time to priotise and re-organise .


Everything Davina , Everything, it’s time to get real


Maybe a good chance to start from scratch somewhat , call it the rebirth … of something that was slightly premature  , a feel good concept that had a hint of “share the love” factor

But , as we all know – love doesn’t pay the bills

Admittedly , at one point we were doing more favour pop ups in desperatiion to keep the name in the pipeline , we seemingly lost the spark , disheartened by one too many false starts , we needed actual bookings that would sustain the future of our ultimate vision

To open a fully equipped and thriving Juice Bar that enabled us to transfer skills whilst being able to live happily ever after . Inherently too much self resourced community outreach could have had a part to play with our failing income …

I’d personally say  … “Do share the love , when you’re in a position to do so !”


Glad to confirm lessons have been learnt and achievenments have been marvelled upon ,

I am now happy to offer a functional service that will create opportunities that will benefit everyone , including Punch and Juicy and the founders and staff thereof /thereafter  .

Clarity of purpose  is very important and with the odds now in Punch and Juicy’s favor

Aims have been raised , and it’s time to raise a bar or 2 … .

With our new delivery partners Revo Seccus of course , who will be facilitating our Root to Market workshops for budding entrepreneurs .


So , over the next few days I’ll be refining our new aims and objectives, editing the blog pages and generally getting rid of the old (slowly) to make way for the new (Surely)

.. But hey …We got Courgette Blooms Pt 2

Talking about Clear outs , I had a chance to pop into the Gardens to get my weekly dose of grounding and do a bit of weeding ..


A far cry from the world of Hashtags and Reshares .. it’s a really excellent place to be when the world starts to spin …

Even more so now we have sightings of a tiny tomatoe and Courgette blooms ,


Today I was joined by one of our budding fruiterers and aspiring Scientist Nayquan .. who brought 2 friends with him to start their own growing endeavour .. and told me quite respectfully , that he was not too impressed by my sparodic visiting times , which hindered him from watering his plants .. so there youhave it , we’ll need a gardener to join the team soon enough ..

He pops by every week since planting a few seeds a month ago …

I could see the happiness as he realised his food was starting to grow .. even more happier when I gave them a mini allotment box to guard over , which they immediately desnailed , deweeded and watered .. ( Thanks to Gabriel at Crisis Skylight Brent ) 

We then spoke to and about Snails with budding artist Emilia who released a fair few in a Tree  , she told me proudly that she had learnt everything she knew about growing Potatoes in Poland ( all knowledge credited to her grandad of course …) and promised to decorate the raised bed  because being good to Earth means we’ll be repayed with a good night sleep ( 10 year old Wisdom ) !

As we countdown the days to raise the pledges , it’s starting to feel a lot like a rubix cube … and I need a good nights sleep , so more grounding needed !


This chapter will need food , juice and a mammoth amount of energy to fullfill the expectatiom of everyone who has pledged /cheering from the sidelines at this point …

On that note : Let’s do the thank you credits

P.s I’ve been doing this , quite a bit lately 🙂

We would like to thank the following in raising to date £10,444 for the launch of Punch and Juicy Market Place and Juice Academy

  • Roushell Porter
  • Maya Stephonson
  • Mayor of London
    Tom Godfrey
    Abigail Matthews
    Jamie Robinson
    Tammuz Thompson
    LuvLee Lee
    Michele Whitby
    t campbell
    Sam Boyd
    Alex Eburne
    Gavin McLaughlin
    Grass Roots Forest School
    Paxton Primary
    Darren Anthony
    Aaron O’Dowling-Keane
  • Michele Whitby
    Kiran Chahal
    James Parkinson
    Hugo Makepeace
    David Adams
    C Morgan
    Kiran Chahal
    Harriet Gridley
    Jay (Harlesden)
    Danny’s Kiosk (Harlesden)
    Leeroy Simpson (HTT ? )
    Inderpal Singh ( Who’s next foods , Harlesden )
    Paula Tate ( Llyods Grocery ,Harlesden)
    Ray Witter
    Afternoon Controller @Cheetah Cabs (Willesden )
    Devon Morgan (Simply the Best Barbers,Willesden)
    Gabriel Parfitt ( Crisis /HTG ,Harlesden )
    Afternoon Reception (Crisis,Harlesden
    Dj Laurie (Shepherds Bush )
    Rasta that sells Plants (Shepherds Bush Market )
  • Jamal Edwards (SBTV)
    Gloria Tate (Llyods Grocery , Harlesden )
    Sis Israel (Harlesden)
    Natty Yngwe
    Karen (Unique and Special Gift Wear )
    Sabrina Hunt
    The Elder in W12
    Headley ( The Sorrel Man )
    Churps Ice Cream
    Lloyds Grandsons (Lloyds Groceries)
    Grace’s Cakes

    We still got a little distance to go and 80 days left – You can support s by heading over to

    If you would like to become a corporate sponsor or make a large pledge to our campaign , please contact Davina Roberts or


    No Snails were harmed in the making of this blog x

    Whatever you do today , Make it fruitfull


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