Dear Mr Mayor RE: #CrowdfundLDN

Wow, what an exhilirating experience , the Mayor of London  has revealed his chosen 20 campaigns , each are in with a chance of gaining his support to launch their community projects .. and we’re one of them !


I was invited to my first Live PITCH AND PLEDGE event at City Hall .. on Tuesday and attended on Wednesday evening and the world hasn’t stopped spinning since , after hearing our project had gotten through to pitch ,Butterflies seemed to have taken residence in the pit of my stomach  .

The brilliance of what lay’s hidden within the busy streets of London was evident and vibrated through the room as each Project had only 2 mins to Pitch their Projects/idea’s , great to see so many people creating new and exciting opportunities for their commnities and then some …. if not more ..

The truth is , it hasn’t been an easy journey but ultimately taking part has been a valuable toolkit for asking for what you need when no one else seem’s to be listening  , I’ve encountered negative feedback and the non-believers , the worst kind of adversity in a Social Entrepreneur’s journey, have made me a little more tenacious in my bid to launch our Juice Academy a reality … and look forward to a fruitfull future ..

We have seen the benefits of our Juice Academy and personally speaking every child has left with the confidence to go into the kitchen and make their own smoothies , the joy seen from something as simple as a Strawberry being blitzed to smitherins , is enough to make you freeze a lot more fruits for a next session ..

Since piloting in April we’ve decided to take it a step further now , the aim is to start growing our own produce and transfer skills to 3 to 25 year olds , from growing to selling , we aim to make sure young people learn the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle , knowledge of business whilst opening training and employment opportunities for teenagers .

Young people have already starting planting food’s in their neighbour’s garden’s and we’ve got Courgette shoots popping up too

In a time where young people lack the access to nature in it’s rawest form is rare , our root to market programme will teach them how and where their food comes from .

The £10,000 gesture is a big motivation to hit our target .

We know that funding is limited and want to make sure the concept has a stable fuuture , so hope to use some of the crowdfund to kickstart a regular marketplace where the money raised will go straight back into the academy  and help us locate new growing spaces .

We’re hoping to raise £23,090 and thanks to the Mayor , we’re nearly half way there with £10,302 in our crowdfund pot , we need your help to get things kickstarted ..

Pledge as much as little as you can , share the news , spread the word – we need as many pledges as possible to make it happen …

AND you’ll be invited to a large Mocktail , when we hit our target of course 🙂 …


A massive thatnks to EVERYONE Root-ing for us 😉

Read the official Release here :

Make a pledge here :

Join the fruitfull journey here :

Logging out for now x


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