Time to up the game ..

We’ve done the pitch ,  hit first base and even started gaining pledges out on the street and a friendly nudge of encouragement came in the form of a few healthy online pledges gave us hope  ..

But back to the actual point of this blog post ..


We’re up against some really innovative idea’s and to be very honest – they’re campaigns outshines ours by far ..

At this stage the judges are hoping to see busy pledges , 


From as little as £2.00 ( Or even £200.00 if you so please ) ,

you can help us reach our goal

What’s the story ?

We’re in the chance of getting £19,000 from the Mayor of London to launch our Juice Academy in Brent

We’ll be raising funds 4 ways

  • Street Pledges Online Pledges
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Sponsorship

We need to make £5,000 worth of pledges to make it to the live pitch late June …

Long story short – support by making a pledge today 


Campaign flyer

How to make a pledge ….

Head over to www.spacehive.com/PJMP

Click : Make a pledge

You will be directed to the payment page – Make pledge and type your name

follow the campaign …

Easy as making a Strawberry and Banana Smoothie !!

Remember to share to your network (Not before you’ve made your pledge obviously )

Happy Pledging !!