Night buses , low battery and a random meeting with Bashy ..

Punch declared he would not go anywhere with me jingling about –

So , decided to decant the pledge pot last night.. and go for a bus ride to clear the brain

Phone battery alerted me that it was on it’s way out again …

Then …Bish , Bash , bosh who should come on the bus .. gave Punch a quick side eye ..

(darned phone really chooses it’s times , honestly .. this moment would not be televised ) …


Tactfully left Punch to do the talking whilst I dug around for some info about the Crowdfund appeal ..  nada !

Thankfully saw a few dishevelled Juice Academy flyers at the bottom of my bag – quickly (again tactfully) scrawled the crowdfund link on the flyer , gave a 10 second overview and passed it to him as he zipped off the bus .. who knows if he’ll look at it but hey – nothing beats a try…

And that’s all really , just really wanted to share that with you all .

Remember to pledge at


Lot’s of love from a rather tired Juice Lady 🙂


Multi tasking and Multi-Millionaires

Still on the campaign trail , we’ve discussed the many different ways to gain support with a few different groups / individuals .


Strategies , Costings and differentiating our actual goals has been constant topic of discussion over the last few weeks , not to mention the incomplete proposal that got sent back and re-done and got sent back again this week – not to worry , it’s now done and dusted *Breathes a sigh of absolute relief *

Although my trusty brain seems to be running out of capacity to hold information , promote  , package , upload AND smile at the camera simultaneously , I somehow still see the light at the end of the tunnel …


The aim is to soft launch a Pop Up Market that will help to Support our Juice Academy and to make the Programme self sustainable .

It’s been an eye opening experience going out into the community doing the fundraising rounds , you seem to hear a lot of the same rhetoric , of “Not today sweety – maybe next times  . .. “


So , quite in awe of those who do this on a daily basis .

It takes a certain mix of humility , Perseverance and the energy to muster another shake of the borrowed pledge box but on a very good day .. you meet a row of people happy to say Yes !


The reality is there is an obvious  issue of unemployment , ill health and lack of youth facilities in London , so it’s quite intriguing to see the level of complacency within communities that are most in need of a lifestyle change based service .

Take the area of Brent for instance , home to over 100 Fast Food Joints that serve a hefty choice of Burgers , Chicken & Chip Deals , Kebabs and 1 pound pizza deals

There is definitely a lack of socially funded facilities for young people to go to discuss business ideas and not quite sure how many of the new retailers have taken on local residents as employees in the last year , so the opportunity to open your own Juice bar , start your own enterprise is quite an appealing one to many aspiring entrepreneur which in turn creates further opportunities .

In passing conversation – it seems as though this situation is alive and kicking around the .U.K.


With Obesity and Diabetes rates rising annually and evidently having a devastating effect on adults , teaching children the benefits of drinking healthy has always been  high on our agenda as has promoting enterprise skills

I recently met a group of children who admitted to not ever growing anything and some not believing that food grew from the earth .. which shocked me slightly as I grew up eating food grown from my Grandmother’s Garden and when the opportunity arises …still do …


These experiences of meeting young people who actually show an interest in what we do has probably been the fuel for submitting a proposal to the Mayors  Civic Crowd Funding Campaign and will probably help to refine the services we deliver in the future .

Amazingly enough we’ve racked up £49.00 in Street Pledges and £80.00 Online support..


Our ultimate target mark seems quite far off but with faith , It is said that – a small seed can move mountains , so on that note …

Massive thanks to the following people for pledging so far …

👉Jay (Harlesden)  £1
👉Danny’s Kiosk (Harlesden)£1
👉Leeroy Simpson (HTT ? )£1
👉Inderpal Singh ( Who’s next foods , Harlesden )£1
👉Paula Tate ( Llyods Grocery ,Harlesden)£1
👉Ray Witter £1
👉Afternoon Controller @Cheetah Cabs (Willesden ) £2
👉Devon Morgan (Simply the Best Barbers,Willesden)£1
👉Gabriel Parfitt ( Crisis /HTG ,Harlesden ) £2 ?
👉Afternoon Reception (Crisis,Harlesden )£1
👉Dj Laurie (Shepherds Bush )£1
👉Rasta that sells Plants (Shepherds Bush Market ) £2
👉Jamal Edwards (SBTV)£1
👉Gloria Tate (Llyods Grocery , Harlesden )£1
👉Sis Israel (Harlesden)£1
👉Zara £1
👉Amy £1
👉Natty Yngwe £1
👉Abe £5.00
👉Karen (Unique and Special Gift Wear )£1
👉Sabrina Hunt £1
👉Neville £1
👉The Elder in W12 £1
👉Dean £1
👉Cameron £1
👉Zion £1
👉Ras £1
👉Headley ( The Sorrel Man ) £1

👉Churps Ice Cream £1

👉 Lloyds Grandsons (Lloyds Groceries) £2

👉Jake £1

👉Grace’s Cakes £1

👉Clarendon £1

👉3xAnonymous £3

Online Pledges

👉Hugo Makepeace £10.00
👉David Adams £50.00
👉Cee Morgan £20.00

If you would like to support our Crowdfund Campaign , please pledge at

For more information about booking a stall at our market .
Please see for more information

If your name isn’t on the list .. give us a shout and we’ll add you respectively ..

a little late but off to the gardening club … think I need to spend some time in nature today

Have a great weekend!


They said “Campaign darling not Champagne” ..

What a week it’s been , no time for celebratory drinks , as it seems there is so much more work to do  since our #PopUpNW project was officially verified for the Mayor of London Civic Fund last week ..


And it seems like a lifetime ago since we were searching to find a project delivery partner for the forthcoming Juice Academy /Root to Market programmes … and like to thank Revo Seccus for stepping into support the development and delivery


And it feels even longer since we got the O.K to start a Pop Up Market in Harlesden …


Many are wondering what the market has to do with the Juice Academy  …


The overall idea is to make the Juice Academy programme self sustainable ..

The funds raised through the market will enable us to offer these programmes to more families and to a wider audience .

The programmes offer :

●Kitchen Confidence Skills

●Grow your own food options

●Training / Voluntary / Employment opportunities ( 14-29 year olds )



The market will :

●Enhance the local economy

●Create a Business Support network

●Open space to a new community of entrepreneurs

maxresdefault (1)

Over the next few weeks we’ll be promoting and soft launching  #PopUpNW  in Harlesden and we NEED your help to get it to Official Launch stage .

We’re in for a chance to win the Mayor’s backing , upto £20,000 is available to kickstart our project .

We need as many pledges as possible to make it all a reality .


You can support this endeavour by pledging as little as a pound to our crowdfund campaign here :

If you’d like more info or would like to sponsor this project  , please email

Juice Lady signing out


Before we get to #BumperBlog Pt 2 … Announcements and Partnerships

Ahhh  …. the Joys of Spring
Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on our first Crowd Fund Campaign ,
at one stage we had ticked all the boxes but overlooked one important factor to be eligible  and it seemed as though we wouldn’t make it through to  round 3 of the pre-running –
Hearing of our issue with verification , word seem to have spread and local community advocates have stepped in as Project delivery partners – right at the 11.59th hour – and we are glad to announce we made it in just before (the extended) deadline and are now awaiting verification to start our Campaign to start a Pop Up Marketplace in NW London …
The local council has sent an email of support and we’ve gotten quite a few heads up from some other local organisations too …
So it’s great to confirm “Revo Seccus will be our official project delivery partner for the Borough of Brent and will be supporting our endeavour by delivering the business management support side of our Root to Market Programme for Young entrepreneurs wanting to set up their own Juice Bar , the partnership will last for 1 year , they have also offered us Hot desk space and a great opportunity to expand the Market to another location in NW London … so it looks like we’ll have the opportunity to pop up far more often …
Revo PNJ Revo

proving that teamwork actually makes a dreamwork ……

Punch and Juicy’s Pop Up Market place will help to enhance the local economy whilst giving residents an opportunity to source good quality produce , learn a new skill or even grow a new business ..
The great thing about the concept is for every stall that you book ,
you help us to get 1 step closer to our funding goal of getting backed by the Mayor of London to officially launch our Juice Academy
If you’d like to support us , here are some links :
Mayors Crowdfund Campaign :
Pop Up Marketplace blog :
  Punch and Juicy Blog :
Punch and Juicy Website :
Stall holders /Sponsors Email :
Juice Acadmy enquiries :
Wishing you all a magical evening


About that bumper blog post …Pt1

Yes ,well about that …

The art of blogging is awarded to the chosen few and not to those multi-tasking behind the screen with a blender jar in one hand and trying to get the perfect snap of a new Smoothie experiment in the other .. no – no , there is definitely an art to it …

Please bare with  …

This week I have taken the great joy in catching up on a few of my favourite health blogs and quite rightly in awe of the consistent , precise measuremented recipes , the intricacy of the food laid out for public presentation ,  , the explosive camera shots and the obvious passion that is expressed through the informative updates  .

So, with that in mind – a friendly follower advised me to start transferring my biography length Facebook statuses back to the blog , because no matter how epic they are , the response hasn’t been doing the brand any justice so I’ll be working on gathering April’s highlights and updating you on what’s happening next month in the next few days

Look out for the “About that BUMPER blog” …. Part 2 .. COMING SOON


Check out our first monthly health blog recommendation here

Have a productive day all x