Juicy dates for your diary …

The Friday Lounge


Friday 29th January 2016

Punch and Juicy will be joining Vegan Food specialist & founder of Vital Munch Vegan catering service , Myrna K at Ankh Wellbeing Centre  , Located in Shepherds Bush , W12 ..

If you enjoy

– laid back settings ,

– Live music

– Good food

and – a tall glass of Spicy Hisbiscus and Red Grape Juice   ,

you’ll be glad to know , you’ll find all of these things – under one roof

Join us at The Friday Lounge in W12

If you would like more information email :  mkennedy@vitalmunch.com




Or why not opt for our Apple and Ginger Wassail alongside a Scrumptious Butternut Soup at

The Annual Willesden Green Wassail

Sunday 7th February 2016 kicking off at 2pm

Every year the wonderful poetical activist Rachael Rose Reid gathers people from near and far to wish all the traders of Willesden (Brent )  a prosperous new year … with songs, poetry and special guest performances – The festival is sure to light up the town …

Don’t worry about the weather –  Punch and Juicy will be waiting for you with Heartwarming Soup blends and Cold fighting Wheatgrass and Ginger Shots – not forgetting a Special Spicy Apple Wassail

If you’d like to attend , Click the event link below .




Or you can have your pick from a menu of Tasty juices and Smoothies at



Saturday 27th February 2016

Punch and Juicy returns to St Raphaels estate with another mouthwatering menu for Well London’s Motivational event “Elevate” ..

Do get arrive early as here will be a host of activities on offer for the whole family …

See flyer below for more details ..

brent flyer front small.png

Keep a lookout for more events and pop ups throughout February

To book a Punch and Juicy pop up at your event ,

email us at Juiceladee@gmail.com









Dry January ?

How has your Dry January been so far .. ? 

Were you able to dodge a quick one after work  ?

Stay tee total at the Birthday Parties ?

and who got through the monthly lads night in watching the David Haye fight over at Tommy’s house ….

January must have been slighlty challenging for some of you …. and come on who wants a Mocktails when Mojito’s are on offer ?

If you’ve fallen off the Wagon , worry not .. you’re either willing to or you’ve made the first step and that’s all it takes to make that Life Change …

if it doesnt challenge


And to make sure you have a fruitfull new year –

We’ve started putting our ‪#‎FruitfullFebruary‬ guide together .

29 Days of ‘Guided Juice and Smoothie recipes’ straight to your email every day throughout February !!

It’ll be like having us right there in your kitchen !

We’ll even give you tips on how to use your Juicer , Store your Juice blends , a Shopping list ….

With Nutrional Breakdown and Discounted Ticket to our first Live Demonstration of 2016 …. all just for £9.99

( add 29 Day Soup Option for just £5.00 )

(Go on …..  Take the Challenge !! Get yourself ready for a Fruifull February )

email juiceladee@gmail.com to sign up .

Punch and Juicy pilots First Juice Academy

Juice Academy apr

Punch and Juicy have confirmed a date in April for the Launch of their‪ #‎JuiceAcademy‬ in St Raphaels Estate 

Who is it for ?

For the little people who love being in the kitchen flexing thier skills 

What is it all about ? 

This workshop helps to build kitchen confidence , semi independence and also raises awareneness about choosing a healthy lifestyle . 

Spaces : 

Spaces are limited so pre-book now !!

Priorty given to residents of St Raphael’s Estate in Brent . 

 For more information contact juiceladee@gmail.com

If you would like us to deliver a workshop at your venue – do not hesitate to get in contact ! 


Don’t forget to book your body for an M.O.T !

Yes .. January is in full swing , Project Diaries are open , You’ve signed up or returned to the gym , things are falling into place …

Mortgage paid , the children are happy in their new afterschool activity and a promotion is on the cards .


All is well … or so it seem’s .

When was the last time you booked yourself in for an M.O.T ? No … not the car , YOU … !

You’ve been so busy feeding the blood , that you skipped that last annual check up .. ( If not you – then someone you know , very well has ) .

You know the kind ….. Height , Weight – Have you been sleeping properly , urinate in this bottle , kind of M.O.T ..


You see …. all the Juice in the world , will not cure a hidden illness , UNTIL we have pin pointed a problem , we have to start living slightly more than ‘Preventative lifestyle’s ‘

From ancient days – ‘Bone Breakers to Medicine women ‘ were able to tune into our bodies and give us a little heads up in regard to what we were getting too much or too little of …

From undetected Diabetes to a slightly irritable bowel – we must take responsibility for our bodies various inner systems as much as being aware of what goes in there … or how much we can push it

Many illnesses lay dormant for a while before rearing themselves .

So DO yourself a favour in 2016 , avoid the mid – year slump

Mid year slump

Go for your annual check up … and give someone else a nudge , whilst you’re at it .

First Monday of 2016 ..and the first official blog post ..

I popped into faceboook a little earlier to read as usual .. the post new year Monday Morning meme’s ..

Many have gone back to work , started new jobs or have embarked on new to-do lists and not to to forget those who started or rejected the annual resolution .. I had only scrolled for a minute ..but …

It was time to log out …


Flashback to 2015 when you promised to make that change ,

you were going to run that extra mile , put the gym membership to use and overall live better ..

How did you do on delivering ?

  • Did you try the Baobab powder , stuck in between the Cornflakes and Sweet and Salty Popcorn ?
  • Were you able to get past the taste of the brand new .. near full packet of Spirulina .. or is it still sitting neatly beside the toaster …
  • Did you complete that 31 day Squat Challenge or use that invite to the Zumba taster session ..  … hmmm ?
  • I type this with a raised eyebrow and a smile

Hey .. honestly .. who am I , or any one else to judge ?

Judging room

Whether  you did or didnt … it’s the FIRST Monday of 2016 which means we get to try again , but this time – lets take it at a more do-able pace shall we

.. Screen-Shot-2016-01-01-at-9.46.22-AM

Be kinder to yourself this year , make resetting your bodyclock a fun job on the outside as well as the inside .

And remember… this change , this year … should be about YOU !

Learn to love you within the process .. trust me !

There is inequivocally NO need to keep up with the million updates this year ..

Back to my morning ..

I found myself looking into space for a moment in time , the silence was comforting  .. rubbed my face and it dawned .. the much needed solitary moments were coming to an end .. in a way , those moment’s have played a pivotal role in my own healing .

It was time to gather all the lessons ,thoughts and memories of yesteryear and head to the filter button ..

I had made it , 2016 was here … no more talk of what I would do ‘NEXT YEAR ‘ or how I could’ve done this or that better ..

We were here , I grabbed my diary and began to open it … but first .. a smoothie was in order ..

I Turned on the juicer and began to Juice

4 Variety of Pear

( why 4 ? you wonder  I have a thing for them really – , Conference, Red Anjou , Green Anjou , Chinese , Avocado …the list goes on and I love juicing them all )

1 Guava

Then blended it with

2 Banana (I’ll use 1 and half next time )

2 Moringa seeds

2 shakes of Nutmeg and a sprinkle of Cinnamon later ..

I came back with this spicy little number …


My body obviously needed it as I happily  (and just a little greedily ) , slurped it to the end and for once didn’t mind the stowaway lumps of banana that had escaped the blender

To describe this smoothie I would say it was “light and creamy “, comforting in fact , a very nice breakfast alternative for the new year …

Pears , Guava and Banana all support your digestive system and help to soothe your stomach , in addition to housing a great source of Vitamin C and Fibre  … both Pear and Guave both help to regulate blood sugar levels , so great for those with  Sugar Cravings , Diabetes or Sugar Intolernace

Learn how to make this and other breakfast drinks at the Punch and Juicy

Juicing 101 Workshop

Juicing 101

A Fruitfull 2016 to one and all  ..